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Although divorce may end the relationship you have with your spouse, it does not have to sever the vital bond you share with your child. Parents have a right to maintain a relationship with their children after a divorce but getting a fair child custody agreement can be challenging. If you face a child custody dispute, you need knowledgeable legal help who can assertively protect your parental rights.

Family law and divorce firm will ensure that your child’s best interests are protected in your Arizona custody and parenting time matters. We offer initial 30-minute consultations to people across southern Arizona to discuss the next steps for their case. You can call our Tucson office at 520-336-7380 to schedule your first meeting.

Skillfully Preserving Your Relationship With Your Child

We understand that custody issues are often emotional for all parties involved. We know that no two families are the same, and our lawyer will work with you to learn about your unique situation. Based on this close professional relationship and your goals, we will create a personalized strategy that helps you and your children obtain the best possible outcome.

In Arizona, physical and legal custody is awarded to one or both parents. Family court often favors arrangements involving joint legal custody and equal parenting time. Under state law, the court considers many factors to protect the best interests of the child, including:

  • Parents’ preference for custody
  • Primary care provider for the child
  • The mental health of each parent
  • Physical health of each parent
  • Child’s community
  • Child’s relationships with other family members

Ketti McCormick will help you present your case in the best light and make sure that your relationship with your child is highlighted. She will also ensure that the family court considers any unique and essential factors. We will also work to identify and suppress false allegations made by your spouse or other family members that may affect the determination of your custody arrangement.

In addition to custody matters, our attorney can serve as your parenting time advocate. We will make sure clients have enough time with their children to maintain a meaningful relationship with them. Ketti McCormick can also assist you with child support cases.

Custody Modification, Enforcement And Relocation

Ketti McCormick PLLC also represents individuals seeking child custody modifications and enforcement, as well as in move-away and relocation matters. She will review the details of your case and then pursue your desired results. Ketti McCormick is licensed to practice law in Arizona, California and New Mexico, which allows her to help with multi-jurisdictional issues.

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