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Handling Complex Asset Division Matters With Ease

Along with child custody, the division of assets is typically one of the most hotly disputed matters in divorce cases. At Ketti McCormick PLLC, we are prepared to help you protect your rights and your interests while obtaining the most equitable outcome in your division of community property. Our attorney has helped clients divide complex assets such as businesses and overseas investments.

You can learn more about how family law and divorce attorney Ketti McCormick can help by contacting our Tucson law firm. We offer initial 30-minute consultations to discuss your case and your next steps. Call us now at 520-297-5031 to set up $25 first meeting.

Protecting Your Interests In Asset Division

Asset division in an Arizona divorce requires that all marital property, including assets and debts, be divided between the spouses equally. Marital property includes all assets obtained while the couple was married that are not excluded by a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement. This division does not include property owned by either spouse before their marriage. Our firm can help you with the division of your property, including:

  • Real estate, investment properties and commercial property
  • Retirement accounts and employment contribution plans such as savings, pensions and 401(k)s
  • Bank accounts, including offshore accounts
  • Stocks and investment accounts
  • Art, collectibles and antiques
  • Vehicles and motor vehicles
  • Complex assets such as small businesses and other valuable assets
  • Marital debts, including credit cards, mortgages, medical bills and loans

We want to help you present your case from a position of value so you can make knowledgeable decisions and agreements about your asset division. Attorney McCormick will work closely with you to document and appraise your assets. She will also pursue other complicating factors such as hidden assets and unknown debt.

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To best prepare for your consultation with attorney McCormick, we ask you to create a list of all assets and suspected assets you feel will be or should be divided during your divorce. You can contact us now at 520-297-5031 or by email to schedule your initial 30-minute consultation.

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