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Helping Clients Find Solutions Through Mediation

As an alternative to going to court, mediation can provide a timely and cost-effective way of resolving disputes. In mediation, a neutral third party, called a mediator, will facilitate successful resolutions while bringing common sense to the table when clients are still operating on emotion. Attorney Ketti McCormick is a knowledgeable mediator and attorney who has spent her career helping clients across Arizona get the best possible outcomes.

At Ketti McCormick PLLC, we have helped parties with divorce and family law disputes find resolutions outside the courtroom. Our Tucson office offers mediation services to people in Pima County and across southern Arizona. You can call us at 520-336-7380 to schedule your initial 30-minute consultation.

Experienced Mediation Guidance For Successful Resolutions

Over the years, several of our clients have found mediation and other alternative dispute resolution (ADR) techniques very helpful in obtaining fair divorce settlements. Attorney McCormick can help you understand if ADR is suitable for your case. If our mediator determines that mediation is a good fit, she will guide both parties through the process. She works to find common ground and ensure that the participants leave mediation happy with the conclusion.

While mediation is a less costly and efficient alternative to traditional litigation, we recognize that not all divorce cases can be resolved amicably. If divorce litigation is inevitable, we will assertively protect your interests in the family court. We can handle all aspects of your divorce, including child custody and spousal maintenance.

Contact A Skilled Tucson Mediator

Please contact Ketti McCormick PLLC, if you need a thorough and effective mediator for your divorce or other family law dispute. You can call us at 520-336-7380 or send us a message to schedule your initial 30-minute consultation. All consultations are confidential.

We represent clients in Tucson and throughout southern Arizona. Our law office hours are Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and we provide evening and weekend appointments by request.