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Can my child support order be modified?

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2022 | Firm News

Arizona child support ensures that a child will receive fair financial support from both parents, even if they no longer have a relationship with one another. Either parent can request child support modification if circumstances change as the child grows.

Review the process of modifying child support in Arizona, whether you pay or receive support each month.

Circumstances for modification

The state allows either parent to ask for modification with a notable change in financial circumstances, such as:

To start the process, you must submit the state’s Request for Modification Review form along with supporting evidence.

The modification decision

After receiving a petition for modification, the Arizona Department of Child Support Services will review your income and the other parent’s income. You must also show that a continuing situation has changed one or both parents’ financial situation since the initial child support order.

The state will make a change if DCSS finds that the new circumstances would result in a 15% change in payments or an increase or decrease of at least $50 per month. Like the original child support order, the calculation uses the state’s child support guidelines.

Either parent has the right to an attorney during the child support modification process. The court will give you a chance to present evidence supporting your case whether you have requested the modification or want to contest a modification petition from the other parent.