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Myths that cause people to put off divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2022 | Divorce

For many marriages, there comes a time when dissolving the union is necessary. The best decision remains that both individuals head their separate ways.

Most people going through divorce are new to the experience and worry about the outcome. It is common to harbor worrying misunderstandings that create hesitation.

Myth #1: Cheaters get nothing

Infidelity can cause a marriage to collapse. Despite this, it may not affect the division of property. Arizona is a no-fault state when it comes to divorce. No rationale is necessary for calling it quits. Thus, a dalliance outside of holy matrimony should not impact what assets end up in which name. Each state has particular laws.

Myth #2: Moms get custody

Societal biases give women an advantage when it comes to custody arrangements. These attitudes are beginning to change. Judges have the responsibility to determine what is best for the child. Increasingly, divorce courts are seeing that the father may provide a better situation. Another possibility is they recognize that shared custody is preferable.

Myth #3: Divorces get messy

A split does not have to be a painful experience. Television and movies leave the impression they always lead to courtroom drama. In truth, most divorces never go to trial. Mediation, arbitration and collaborative divorce are common alternatives. Through one of them, a speedy resolution remains possible. Just as important, the terms can remain confidential.

Those who understand the reality of divorce will be less afraid of its fallout. The results of dissolving a wedded bond are not necessarily worth fearing.