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How to inform children you are getting a divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2022 | Divorce

Getting a divorce is usually painful for both parties. For the children of divorcing parents, it can be downright traumatic.

There are methodologies couples can use that decrease the negative impact. Besides using these tactics, find a divorce representative who can provide advice.

Prepare your announcement

Both partners should be on the same page before they tell children. Rehearse what you will say well in advance. You may feel more comfortable if you write out your statement beforehand. If you cannot agree with one another on the details, consider hiring a counselor or divorce coach. Break the news together to all of your brood simultaneously for less confusion.

Never assign blame

Children are less interested in who is at fault for a split than knowing that their parents still care for them. Attacking one another will only intensify feelings of unease. Avoid pointing the finger at each other, and present a unified front.

Explain what will happen

Change is inevitable when couples separate. The frequency with which they see Mommy or Daddy could shift. Juveniles deserve to know where they will be living. You may already have an agreement in place. Otherwise, a judge may be responsible for solidifying these decisions. Be upfront with little ones about what they will experience. Stress that your love for them remains constant, regardless of relationship status.

Kids are vulnerable to the emotional ravages of parents splitting. Notify them of this reality with a surplus of honesty and sensitivity. The right tactics will avoid unnecessary anguish.